Small Package Delivery. The Firefly ESV Truly Delivers.

FireFly ESV™ : Small Package Delivery Model

The 100% electric FireFly ESV is the ideal urban delivery vehicle solution. It is designed for short-range routes with frequent stop-and-go driving. The FireFly ESV easily meets delivery service demands ranging from small package and food delivery to medical and parts delivery. This vehicle gets the job done! The FireFly ESV is custom-made with a closed rear compartment and features a narrow turning radius. Its DuraGlide™ doors allow the driver to easily maneuver in tight, congested urban areas. The FireFly ESV is virtually maintenance free and can be driven more than 90 miles between charges.

  • The FireFly ESV features a versatile closed-bed design with a 1,100 lb payload (inc. driver) that offers more hauling power and cargo space.
  • The efficiency, strength, and maneuverability of the FireFly ESV make it a key addition to your delivery fleet.
  • The 100% electric, zero-emission FireFly ESV is truly an environmental friendly vehicle.
  • The FireFly ESV is very nimble and virtually noise-free, making it ideal for public areas.

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