Features. The FireFly ESV Does Much More for Much Less.

The FireFly ESV® is a zero-emission, high-performance, low-cost, low-maintenance, affordable electric vehicle created specifically to meet the needs of the essential services market, including parking enforcement, security, delivery, and grounds maintenance.

The FireFly ESV offers a practical and safe solution to navigation of tight spaces with its short turning radius, DuraGlide™ doors, and full visibility for the driver. Its design and functionality can be customized to meet the unique needs of the customer.

The FireFly ESV is ideal for many essential services applications.

• Parking Enforcement
• Security
• Postal Delivery
• Government
• Gated Communities
• Package Delivery
• Military Bases
• Shopping Malls
• Maintenance
• Airport Services
• Ports
• Universities



Battery Technology

The FireFly ESV utilizes the newest battery technology (96 Volt nominal Lithium Iron Phosphate) for improved energy-efficiency, reliability, and an expected lifespan of up to 10 years.

Longer Range Options

The FireFly ESV has a 90+ mile range per charge — better than any electric vehicle in its class, with performance at speeds exceeding 50 mph

Our Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to ending dependence on foreign oil and preserving our natural resources by producing zero-emissions vehicles.


The FireFly ESV can be customized with a right, left, or middle driving position, a compartmentalized bed, and specialized lighting attachments such as directional light bars.

Superior Handling

The FireFly ESV wheelbase, low center of gravity, and lateral acceleration system allow the driver to handle the road with ease.

Modular Bed

The modular bed design is built with versatility in mind. Design it to fit your needs: flat bed, lockable storage, sectional bed, van box, hydraulic lift dump, or refuse bed.

On-Board DAS

The Data Acquisition System (DAS) allows fleet operators to collect a range of statistical parameters, helping them manage their fleet of FireFly ESV vehicles. This is a great tool that helps map your service cycles before any issues develop.

FireFly ESV Gauge Pod

The FireFly ESV Gauge Pod, which moves with the steering wheel, is ergonomically designed for the driver’s easy access and for visibility of all gauges, knobs, and switches needed to operate the FireFly ESV safely.

Interior Ergonomics

The FireFly ESV offers a spacious, roomy cab, featuring cloth bucket seats with manual adjustments. The wide 30 in. DuraGlide™ doors allow easy in/out access.

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