About Us. Our Values. Our Mission.

Company Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the premier company in the fleet management solutions business through the design and development of energy efficient electric utility vehicles for the “Essential Services” transportation market, providing tightly integrated vehicle connectivity.


Vision Statement

Our Company is committed to producing a superior product that provides economic and environmental added value through advanced engineering, innovation, and the application of new technologies.

Core Values


Our Company is committed to building a work environment that brings out the best in people and delivers long-term growth and success. We strive to create an authentic work environment and the promoting of the Relentless Pursuit of Excellence, and in having an Engaging spirit that looks for and brings out the best in people and in all that we do.

Value Statement:


We will protect the company’s values by engaging in open, honest, and authentic communications. We will demonstrate the courage and skill to deal openly and directly with the inevitable problems and conflicts that will occur. We will promote an environment of trust by being open to personal improvement, and by providing and receiving constructive criticism. We will lead from the front (“Top Down”), by example and without unknown agendas and bureaucracy.


We will strive for continual perfection and improvement in communications, processes and systems. We will consistently set high expectations for ourselves and others. We embody the standard of “Working on all things with all of one’s heart, mind, and spirit”.


We will respect and honor the opinions of others based upon the core principle of honesty and truth. We will show our passion through energy, involvement, creative ideas, and courtesy to others. Our work environment will be fun and productive. We will continually and consistently carry ourselves in all ways that are authentic, engaging, compassionate, and with an agreeable spirit of conduct that brings out the best in others.



•Leads from the front, by example
•Passionate about the success of others first
•Ability to be “one person” with those around you.
•Demonstrates thinking and behavior for the benefit of the Team
•Constantly pursues a higher level of self-leadership, development, & personal growth
•Earns respect and trust of others by consistent actions, not words “Walks the Talk”
•Accountable for results and teamwork rather than individual status and ego.


•Drive to succeed with a sense of urgency
•Persistent to the point of failure or success, Never Gives Up
•Enthusiastic and excited to be a part of the Team
•Honors and achieves all commitments to themselves and to others – Accountable to themselves as well as others
•Able to make the tough “yes” and “no” decisions
•Maximize company resources, protects company’s assets
•Gets things done by removing all excuses & barriers